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Hills Area Patrol

1st Defense Patrol has been in operation within the Bay Area for over thirty (30) years ,  providing the very best of professional privately funded armed mobile patrol services to neighborhood HOAs on an around the clock 365 x 24 x 7 basis .


1st Defense uses state-of-the-art new Ford patrol vehicles with 3M light reflective vehicle graphics and amber LED security vehicle lighting , projecting  the unmistakable optics of an active high deterrence security program in operation .  Combined with our custom 3M light reflective patrol signs & patrol stickers ,  high visibility patrols and professional tactics & demeanor ,  you can not engage a better private patrol for your HOA .   24/7 alarm response & expanded vacation service are included for all homeowners .  Additional special private security services are available upon request .


1st Defense carries $5M of commercial general liability and full worker's compensation with A.M Best rated highest company , Berkshire-Hathaway ,  and $2M of commercial auto liability with highest rated , Progressive Commercial .  1st Defense has had no claims ,  ever ,  due to our defensive driving mandates and the highest level of training & codes of conduct .


1st Defense was the first private patrol to be authorized by local government to monitor the Oakland and Berkeley Hills police & fire radio channels after the October 1991 fire .


1st Defense monitors IP camera systems directly from our patrol cars .


1st Defense provides jump starts free to our patrol clients (up to 6.8L engines !) .


1st Defense patrol cars carry lots of additional safety equipment .  Contact us for details or for specific requests .


Contact John today for a free consultation on your HOA's wishes :  Toll Free +1(855) 24 GUARD  or  email  . 

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