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To whom it may concern :


John Sebastian and Safety Dynamics installed a new 4K camera system at the Cybelle's Pizza on Fruitvale Avenue here in Oakland .


They performed a difficult install within the corner of the storefront ,  into steel signage .  


They ran the cables and set up and programmed the NVR ,  including programming several smartphones with live viewing capabilities .


The complete installation was very clean ,  and John and his team worked through any problem that popped up .


The owner of the store is very happy with the job ,  as well as during the job ,  too ,  as John's team professionally secured safety lanes for their workspace that minimally affected the customer traffic going into & out of the store .

SAFETY DYNAMICS which was the parent company of 1st Defense

January 9, 2020

To Whom it May Concern:

The Dimond Improvement Association (DIA) is a community-based non-profit organization committed to

cultivating a safe, friendly and inclusive neighborhood in Oakland’s Dimond District. Last year, the DIA

Safety Committee funded a program partnering with Dimond merchants to install security camera

systems in the District and it was through this program that I had the opportunity to work with John

Sebastian and Safety Dynamics.

Safety Dynamics installed a new 4K security camera system at Cybelle's Pizza located at Fruitvale Avenue

and MacArthur Blvd. The Safety Dynamic’s team pulled off a complicated installation that required

precise camera placements on steel storefront signage. They ran the cables and set up and programmed

the NVR, including programming several smartphones with live viewing capabilities.

The installation was very clean, and John and his team were professional and attentive to our questions

and concerns. John's team secured safety lanes for their workspace and took care to minimize their

impact on the business. The business owner and I are pleased with the work performed by Safety

Dynamics and I recommend their services.

Daniel Swafford
Safety Committee Chair
Dimond Improvement Association, Board of Directors

September 19, 2018

To Whom It May Concern:

It is my pleasure to recommend Safety Dynamics and John Sebastian for your security requirements, including patrol, alarm and systems installations and monitoring needs.

John has worked for the HOA on Emery Lane for over two years, starting when our neighborhood was first constructed. He has provided excellent patrol services during this time, and all homeowners are very pleased with the important work he provides on a daily basis.  He has developed a relationship with each owner and is very willing to handle special services for periods when homeowners travel out of town.

I recommend him very highly.

John Yost
HOA Emery Lane, Oakland, CA 94618

1st Defense

Natural Cannabis Co.

15 December 2021

We started working with 1st Defense in Oakland. Their security staff worked very well with our employees and with our clients. They were friendly and helpful with everyone they engaged with while working security. The owner and his manager handling our account were very helpful as they came on board. We look forward to a secure future with this partner.

Reply from 1st Defense

Thank you very much TNCC . We enjoy providing our professional uniformed security guard and patrol services to you and look forward to a long , mutually beneficial partnership with you in Oakland , the Greater Bay Area and beyond . John +1(855) 24 GUARD

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